by Mike Lewis, Matt Hevering and Sara F.


The team from M and M Investigators was nestled

all snug in their beds,

when they were awakened by a call from a client

full of Christmas dread.


The activity in their house

usually peaceful year round

is now scaring everyone

even the mouse.


As Mother reports

since Grandma had passed

nothing’s been the same at Christmas

when they moved into her home 7 years last.


With unexplained and strange activity

Dad now shrieks as somehow ornaments are rearranged on the tree

and the eerie sense of someone watching…

who could it be?


M and M Investigators were called

To investigate this clatter

armed with EMF detectors and  IR cameras

we will find out what is the matter.


Strange noises we heard

and cold spots we felt

Christmas music were no one sang a word

and Grandma’s perfume the investigators smelled


Orbs of light

crossed through the room

lights so quick and bright

like lightning through the gloom.


Matt and Mike and the rest of the team

reviewed all the evidence

and with a twinkle in his eye, a knowing gleam

Matt said, “Grandma is your Christmas presence.”


Mike agreed, as the evidence was revealed

the activity the family feared

only showed that Grandma was on the other side, healed

and returned to her loved ones as Christmas time neared.


Matt and Mike said good-bye

and as they drove out of sight

said Merry Christmas to all

and to all a good night!




    Thank you from
    the Ghost Guys of
    M and M Investigators
    Everyone has a story...tell us yours!




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